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Five Areas Of Operations

Company Overview

Organization Name CHEER CREATION
Established May 2004
Founder Chiko
Areas of Operation
  • School
  • Cheerleading for Sports Teams
  • Cheerleading Competitions
  • Professional Cheerleading Team
  • Commercials/Television/Events
    (Sporting goods, commodities, EC shops)

Welcome From The Founder

Founder Chiko


In 2004, when I returned to Japan from the United States, the reality that awaited me here was, "It can't be helped."
During that period, the expectation was that we teach cheerleading and perform cheerleading as volunteers. Moreover, there was not much of a culture where children learned cheerleading, because it was a sport one learned when in high school or college.

"If only I could teach the captivating sport of cheerleading to children…"
"If only I could take the hard work I put into cheerleading and make it my job…"

With those two thoughts in my mind, I set about to begin a school for children to enjoy cheerleading. Today, not only are many children enjoying cheerleading, many cheerleaders are also leading their activities.

The world of cheerleading has expanded my world, provided me with many new friends and given me a positive outlook.
My hope is that you also discover the cheer of cheerleading.


Beginning with gymnastics, training from when I was four, I moved over to cheerleading when I was in college, and eventually became captain of the J.F. Oberlin University cheerleading team, the Three Nails Crowns.
Upon graduation, I continued cheerleading as a member of the club team, the Devils, and began cheer dance as a cheerleader in the American Football X League, as as well as with the United Spirit Association (USA).
In 2002, I passed the audition for and joined the NFL Oakland Raiders' Raiderettes cheerleading team. In 2003, I joined the Seattle Seahawks' Sea Gals cheerleading team.
After returning to Japan, I launched CheerCreation. Currently, I am involved in cheerleading performances for television, commercials and events, and also producing professional cheerleading teams. Moreover, after opening cheerleading schools for children nationwide, Cheer Creation now has a network of over 1600 active students and leaders.

Book: Cheerleaders' Bible (Tokyo Shoseki)