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Professional Cheerleading And Cheer Dance Team

The Star Cheers are made up of the talented members who are working as Japan's top cheerleaders. The Star Cheers are the same entertaining and delightful cheerleaders you see on television and commercials.

The Cheerleading Team

With powerful performances, the cheerleading team displays dynamic stunts and tumbling.
*The cheerleading also includes the ever popular male cheerleaders.

  • チアリーディングチームについて(1)
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The Cheer Dance Team

The cheer dance team's captivating performances include various dance techniques such as jazz, hip-hop, and line dance.

  • チアダンスチームについて(1)
  • チアダンスチームについて(2)

※"Star Cheers Elite" is a sister of "Star Cheers", the cheer leading professional team.


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Producer & Director

Chiko, Producer


Chiko is a renowned producer and choreographer of various cheerleading productions for television, commercials, film and events. In addition to cheerleading and cheer dance, Chiko enhances performances by including tumbling and acrobatics.

Ruriko, Director


Ruriko's routines can go from cute to powerful! By leveraging her extensive dance experience, Ruriko creates performances to suit every event.