Concept of Schools


Cheerleading is now popular. "Cheer Sprit" which means thoughtful feeling for supporting people is important for growth of children. This is a reason cheerleading is popular. Cheerleading schools supported by CHEER CREATION focus on not only basic physical strength, sense of rhythm and flexibility but also dance technique and mental improvement through cheer sprit that cheerleaders value.

Annual Event

●Sports Event
Learn cheer spirit by performing as cheerleaders in sports events (J league soccer, professional baseballs, X league American football, basketball JBLW league etc.) once a year.

●Cheerleading Competition
Attend cheerleading competition once a year. Learn doing their best by cooperating with team mates and cooperative personality. To participate in competition leads to their improvement of dace technique.

●Local Events
Children participate in local events as cheerleaders. Our target is to support local people and give energy to them.

List Of Renaissance Kids Cheerleading School In Japan

Website on Sports Club Renaissance Please take a look at Website on Sports Club Renaissance. CHEER CREATION is now on opening Kids Cheerleading Schools "Sports Club Renaissance" across Japan as partnership with Sports Club Renaissance. Please feel free to contact nearby Sports Club Renaissance if you are interested.

  • Tokyo
  • Kanto
  • Chubu/Hokuriku
  • Kinki

List Of Other Schools

Name Of Club Website TEL
Chowa SHC cheer dance club Website 042-498-8828
Tokyu Seminar BE Aobadaischool for adults Website 045-983-4153
Machida Zelvia Sports Cllub Website 042-727-6063
GOLDGYM Kitasenju Website 03-5284-3636
Culture Center AGURI Website 045-844-1771
Human Yokohama Bessho (Cheer dance) 0120-936-675
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Cheerleading Schools Managed By CHEER CREATION

Varsity course Please take a look at school details hear. Our target is to participate in Varsity course(Name of team is C☆C STARS) which is competition cheerleading class targeting participating competition once or twice a year

Introduction of instructors

  • ちこ(プロデューサー) CHICO ちこ(プロデューサー)
  • るりこ(マネージャー EAST) るりこ(マネージャー EAST)
  • ゆか(マネージャー EAST) CHICO ちこ(プロデューサー)
  • MERRY めりい MERRY めりい
  • ゆき(マネージャー WEST) ゆき(マネージャー WEST)
  • ゆり(マネージャー WEST) ゆり(マネージャー WEST)
  • MARIKO まりこ MARIKO まりこ
  • YUUKO ゆうこ YUUKO ゆうこ
  • YUKINA ゆきな YUKINA ゆきな
  • MARI まり MARI まり
  • RUMI るみ RUMI るみ
  • SAYURI さゆり SAYURI さゆり
  • REIKO れいこ REIKO れいこ
  • MITUKO みつこ MITUKO みつこ
  • YU ゆう YU ゆう
  • AYUMI あゆみ AYUMI あゆみ
  • AKANE.A あかねA AKANE.A あかねA
  • KAYA かや KAYA かや
  • NAGISA なぎさ NAGISA なぎさ
  • MEGUMI.N めぐみ.N MEGUMI.N めぐみ.N
  • CHIE ちえ CHIE ちえ
  • MIKI みき MIKI みき
  • YUUKA ゆうか YUUKA ゆうか
  • RYOSUKE りょうすけ RYOSUKE りょうすけ
  • JUNPEI じゅんぺい JUNPEI じゅんぺい
  • MIYUKI みゆき MIYUKI みゆき
  • CHIKA ちか CHIKA ちか
  • MIKA みか MIKA みか
  • ERI えり ERI えり
  • AIKO あいこ AIKO あいこ
  • ERI えり ERI えり
  • YUKAKO ゆかこ YUKAKO ゆかこ
  • MIYUU みゆう MIYUU みゆう
  • SAKURA さくら SAKURA さくら
  • RISA りさ RISA りさ
  • MIYAKO みやこ MIYAKO みやこ
  • YUKI ゆき YUKI ゆき
  • YOUKO ようこ YOUKO ようこ
  • SAKI さき SAKI さき